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SOFIFI is the Stockholm based fashion label of designer Sofie Brattberg. With masterfully tailored dresses and silk shirts to the perfect leather jacket, SOFIFI combines a timeless sense of luxury with sophisticated glamour.  

The collections focus on the extravagant items every woman’s wardrobe should include. The style is romantic and elegant, but always with a raw edge. Soft leather, delicate lace, and faux fur brings out the grace and power of feeling feminine. The collections are designed with strong, sensual women in mind, the independent kind who embrace their inner femme fatale and always manage to look effortlessly chic doing it.  

Sofie Brattberg, the creative director behind the brand, is a self­ taught entrepreneur with years of experience in the fashion industry. She is the brand’s visionary leader, with a desire to make women all over the world feel beautiful, sexy, and confident.  

Sofie’s love for creating her own eye­catching designs was born while she was living in
Shanghai. As the singer of a band, Sofie experienced the empowering effect the right outfit can have. She began designing clothes for their performances, realizing she had a talent when she saw the attention her handmade creations drew. In 2009 Sofie returned to Sweden and successfully launched the first SOFIFI ready ­to ­wear collection at Stockholm FashionWeek that season. The fine response to the show sparked a dedication to her brand that is steadily on the rise.  

In the following years SOFIFI has put up major shows for Fashion Week in Copenhagen andWarsaw, worked with top fashion photographers all over Europe, and has spent a great deal of time finding inspiration at the textile fairs in Paris. In addition to the SOFIFI collections,  Sofie Brattberg designs haute couture for Swedish celebrities looking for extraordinary pieces to wear on stage or for glamorous events.  

Inspiring the women who wear her clothes is Sofie’s primary ambition, and beautifully crafted pieces is a fundamental part of the SOFIFI concept. Traveling to the fashion mecca’s of the world and submerging herself in art, music, and film is how she keeps her vision ignited.  

Sofie is determined to provide women with their future favorites, items she herself would seek out and wear. With fine­ cut tailoring and unrelenting quality, SOFIFI wants to enhance and embrace the unique side in every woman.